Childhood Trauma and Healing

One of the first lessons we learn as children is to tell the truth. If you have experienced physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual or psychological trauma, this lesson becomes convoluted. Frequently the traumatized child is threatened and told to lie. The result is often a disconnection, a spiritual loss so deep that the child is without boundaries and is ofter split from their true selves.

Journeys to healing often required an emotional reset. You have physically survived the trauma, but emotionally your wounds remained deeply hidden. At your core you are always sad, in pain, hurt, angry and confused because of the emotional issues and suffering you have endured. You desperately are in search of someone to see what you hold deep inside. You desperately want the individuals responsible to apologize, but that never happens.

The healing becomes complicated with the constant reinforcement by peers, the court system and media reinforcing that the victim was at fault.

Healing starts the moment you take back your voice and find others who understand and listen to your story. When you start believing you were never to blame for the abuse you experienced. When you find the strength to withstand all the lies you were told about staying quiet and not telling your stories. When you create a healthy support system.

When you listen to the programing that the world places in our minds there becomes a mind body connection. This false belief disturbs the mind, body and spirit potentially weakening your immune system. This can lead to stress headaches, muscle tension, depression and fatigue. Self-blame and negative self-talk can be more harmful than the abuse itself.

I know many who take on the responsibility for their abuse, and have illness after illness.I actually fell into this trap for a very long time and still battle my mind for my soul.

It is our birthright to heal from the abuse we did not ask for or want. It is our birthright to become the physically healthy person we always wanted to be. It is time we claimed what has always been ours.

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