Breaking Out of 2023 and Into The New Beginnings of 2024

Up until the New Year there has been a removing and dissolving of old emotions that have been stuck and stagnated within the body, heart, and mind/throat. Muscle aches and pains, hot sweats/chills, nausea, feeling extra emotional, releasing old emotions, being triggered in new situations to release and let go of false programming, headaches migraines, low grade temperatures, vivid dreams, brain fog, sore throat, heart flutters. skin irritations, feeling exhausted, drained, feelings of being slowed down by physical side effects have all been happening.

No you have not been going crazy. This is aligning the emotional intuitive body and the mental body, the masculine and feminine energies within.

2024 is a year in which planetary ascension and awakening will expand greatly. We are moving away from fear to one of love and compassion. This is a n ew cycle embracing wisdom, truth, karma, balance and freedom. This harmonic frequency will allow us to step into a more loving dimension.

Your entire world will possibly change in 2024 and in many ways it will change from the inside out. Expect your undiscovered talents and intuition to arise. Use them wisely and always for the highest good. Any residue of shame will be replaced with compassion. Blame is replaced with accountability. Co-creation and Unity are preferred over separation, survival and tribalism.There is an energy that’s working with you

2024 is a 8 universal year. A planetary frequency that embodies truth, balance, karmic retribution, introspection. harmony, and restoration.

Remember fear is a false illusion and love triumphs in the quantum fields. Become the alchemists you are and transmute collective shadows.

We are clearing ancestral lineage and generational traumas. Time to reclaim your ancestral strengths, such as endurance, loyalty, courage, bravery, patience, resiliency, intelligence, compassion, and hard work. Shed the illusions within the self. Patience is needed to clear the conditioning of false programming and brainwashing that has occurred for over thousands of years.

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