Becoming A Spiritual Healer

Are you on a path of awakening, healing, and transformation? We are all on the eternal journey that the universe has us on, the question becomes are you awakened to the process? The path of a spiritual healer is a dance between challenges and blessings alike. It is not easy, but it is rewarding.

There are ten clear signs that show you are on the path of a spiritual healer.

1. People Confide In You

Do you find people constantly confessing their deepest darkest secrets to you? You may have only just met them, but all of a sudden you know their inner most pain. People are naturally drawn to their aura of understanding and empathy. In the presence of a healer, individuals find a safe haven and unburden.

2. Feeling Like an Outcast:

Many spiritual healers feel a profound sense on the fringe of society, feeling alone and misunderstood. Their perceptions and understanding of the world set them apart. Instead they go on a inner journey, diving deep into the waters of their soul, seeking truth and understanding on their own spiritual quest.

3. Affinity with Animals and Children:

Spiritual healers share a natural, unspoken bond with animals and children. This connection transcends language and manifests in a mutual sense of trust and comfort. Most animals especially young ones recognize the purity and authenticity and gravitate towards them.

4. Many Dark Nights of the Soul:

The journey of a spiritual healer often takes them through the shadows of the Dark Night of the Soul. Deep introspection, transformation and awakening the of the soul is crucial. Emerging from this dark night, they gain profound insights into suffering and therefore healing.

5. Peacemaker:

In a world where discord, strife and hate reign spiritual healers are the weavers of peace. They know how to mediate conflicts, restoring balance and harmony.

6. Attracting Those in Need:

Like a moth to a flame, those in need are drawn to spiritual healers. These healers, have their opened their hearts and are empathetic. They guide the lost back onto their paths, offering light in the mist of of darkness, and solace to hearts in confession and pain.

7. Sensitivity to Energy:

Spiritual healers are sensitive to the energies around them. They feel the pulses of the universe, sense the emotions and energy of others, places, and objects. This heightened awareness transcends into a deep, intuitive connection to the energy that flows through all things.

8. Feeling Drained Around People:

These gifts come with a price . Since they feel so much and give so much they get drained of vitality, energy and positivity. This especially happens in crowded spaces or after intense interactions. It’s as if they absorb the emotional and psychic debris of others. Them often need self healing, retreat and rejuvenation.

9. Mastery of Energy:

Spiritual healers navigate the vibrations of energy and transform energies, not just within themselves but also in their surroundings. They can clear negativity, harmonizing and healing the energies that they encounter.

10. Awareness of Interconnectedness:

Healers see the intricate web that connects all life, an understanding that shapes their every interaction. They move through the world with a profound respect, their actions guided by knowledge that every thought, every deed, resonates across the vast network of existence effects us all.

They are the threads in this rich tapestry of life. A spiritual healer’s existence is deeply connected to the spiritual realm.

As we find ourselves standing at the threshold of deeper understanding, having a calling for healing is far beyond the ordinary. For the most part it is a solitary path of feeling like an outcast, but it is a dance with the divine.

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