Becoming a Light Worker

Lightworkers are people who have awakened to the light. If you are reading this you are a lightworker. We are drawn to find what we need when we need it. As a lightworker, you have only one job: work on your own light. When you awaken and turn into the spiritual world for help and answers, your light turns on. You become a living portal of light. It matters not if you are a mess as many are called and what you have to offer is unique.

The higher frequency the more the planet will call on you. Since time is running short expect that SOS call to be almost immediately. A lightworker, yis not necessarily a spiritual teacher, healer or messenger. Lightworkers can be found in all walks of life.

We all are a part of the collective as referred to as humanity. Many are still asleep, but many are awakening to their light is growing just as you are. The purpose is to ignite or awaken the light in as many as possible. The goal is to release fear based structures from the collective energy and it is already happening.

Your responsibility is not to convert others, but to shine your light and be an inspiration. We are only truly responsible for ourselves. The more content you are in your own being the brighter your light will shine. Everything that you do is spiritual. From the food you eat, to your daily encounters, to your lessons with your guides or meditation or whatever you practice in your life. Once you truly see that everything as energy and that you are a creator using this energy, everything will fall into place.

It does not happen overnight but once you decide to follow your light you will experience the most amazing journey of love and transformation. It will not be easy and you will be challenged, but the rewards are so soul fulfilling.

Just remember to

1: Love Yourself
2. Commit only to yourself.
3. Expand your consciousness.
4. Tend to your Light.
5. Always choose yourself.
6. Connect daily to GOD/ Higher Self/ Guides/ Light.
7. Do your inner work.
8. Get out of your comfort zone.
9. Break the rules.
10. Tell your mind to shut up and listen to your heart.
11: Invest in yourself. You’re all you’ve got.

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