Awaken Starseeds Shed What No Longer Serves You

A new ascension phase with higher frequencies and energy connected to Earth’s magnetic grid, which interacts with human consciousness, is now shaping our thoughts and behaviors.There is strong solar flare energy is raising our energy levels in the collective. Symptoms include; heightened sensitivity and enhanced intuition. You should start to feel heightened states of conscious awareness, a shifting away from societal programming and an opening door to collective awakening and planetary evolution. Our DNA cells are activating to higher levels releasing energy that does not align with this heightened frequency, leading to sensations of possible discomfort in both body and mind. The typically lasts 5 to 7 days, so if you have felt lathagic and took to your bed during Memorial Day weekend, you are not alone.

Expect times of solitude, especially you are a starseed healer. Most are highly sensitive souls who have already faced immense adversity on this planet. Trying to stay hopeful and inspiration for others takes alone time to recharge. Many are catalysts for personal and collective transformations, embodying a developed seance of resiliency, strength and wisdom on their ascending paths.

Now is the time for starseeds to delve deeper into self-discovery. The shift occures from changing others to evolving the self through inner work and self-transformation. Journey within to unearth the ultimate personal truth and to shed all outdated identities.

Challenges will persist, but each obstacle serves as a catalyst for learning, strength, adaptability, and growth. This is a period of adjustment known as “The inner Death”, a grieving process as you shed old frequencies and align with the new energy.

Starseed Souls embody the divine essence of God’s loving creation on Earth, representing multi facets of conscious awareness in human form. Anchored by light, this amplifies the collective vibrations by unprecedented levels, with individual experiences and challenges serving as integral components of their eternal evolution and expansion.

The world we live in is transforming, along with the collective energy and self. The emerging energy is supporting the ascending, helping to release the feeling of entrapment of our comfort zones. It is clearing out the fear of the unknown. We are moving past self-sabotage, focusing on self-care and living a journey of self-love by facing all our inner challenges. We are starting to accepting change, breaking free from repeated patterns and remaining positive . 

May’s energy is winding down, but from.June 25 – 30 significant points will offer new opportunities for vibrational transitions and conscious growth. The focus this time will be oni embodying qualities such as peace, human compassion, and co-creation.

Awake, you are the creators of universes, utilize that for the highest good. Create love, give love and more importantly receive love. We are the survivors, believers and warriors.

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