Attack Of The Ego

An ego death feels like a complete loss of a perceived self-identity. The term also implies to a psychic death, or transformation of the psyche.

When your ego is triggered you see differently and are on the path to oneness. The ego is not a fan of different or change. The ego, and its cousin the inner child, thinks that change will place them in grave danger. This is confusing because separation is what keeps you from feeling safe, and unity is what brings you to security and wholeness.

The process of shifting emotions can seem messy and feel scary, however the safety that is felt when the ego starts to lose is well worth the journey. It will not take long to experience the inner safety, that will lead to gruesome peace. When in pain the body fears and runs. The pain our bodies feel is tangible and is full of emotional pain. When in pain It is actually your fear that is causing the distress. When you finally stop running from your own fear, and instead turn to face what you thought you were running from, you realize that it is not scary at all. It has all been an illusion. Even considering this possibility may have you quaking in your boots.

We have all had this same response. In a strange way it is a collective experience. When you are finally tired of all the fear and decided to try and face It, you will see it is truly amazing! Once you turn to face yourself, you recognize a strength that you have never known before.

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