Astrology For January 2024

Mercury goes direct on January 1st, as Capricorn season asks us to embrace better versions of ourselves. Mars enters Capricorn January 4th, so you need to conserve your energy. The Capricorn New Moon on January 11th, has us facing challenges, and breaking down walls. Embrace your personal and professional aspirations. Make sure that your emotions are not stopping you from moving forward. Have relationships woos or complications veered you off path, time to get back on your way. This is the time for new beginnings for all.

Capricorn: This is a significant month for you, as Mars, the planet of action, enters your sign for six weeks on January 4th. You will be filled with a deeper sense of purpose. Pluto in your sign, makes the decisions you make this month alter the course of the year for you. You will be faced with a choice. Choose wisely. Spirituality you will be awakened. As you draw admirers, you want substance over flattery. If they are not the real deal you would rather be alone.

Aquarius: This is a time of healing, closure, and solitude. You’ll feel like hibernating and being in seclusion. Be kind to your self. You’ll be in the mood to open up to people who are different and authentic. On the 20th, you’ll feel empowered and aligned making you highly charismatic, but you only want those who are real. This year is about striking balances in all areas of your life and creating a more harmonious living environment. These changes will reflect your inner growth and evolving perspective on personal space.

Pisces: Time to communicate your needs and ultimate desires. You become a magnet for what your heart is seeking. You have been given the green light to dream big, especially after January 11th. Strategize and your opportunities will grow. After the 20th, your sector of spirituality, closure, and healing is activated so think about taking up yoga, deep breathing, meditating, or journaling. The messages you receive while asleep will be intuitive insights that you’re receiving, 

Aries: You are being encourages to redefine your professional goals and put in the work to see the rewards. Lately you have been triggered and felt stuck. On the 11th, a six-month chapter begins and you will receive more responsibilities and greater attention. On the 20th, tap into working with others for and even better advantage. On the 25th your social and love life, help you break free from self-imposed limitations in union. After the 27th, you’ll feel more confident and your self-esteem, will be on a high note.

Taurus: Time to redefine yourself for yourself and embark on a new chapter. You have been dreaming of this for months. Now put this into action. From the 11th on remain disciplined during this first half of 2024. Break free from routine in your closest partnerships, and open yourself up to meeting new people. On the 20th look for a roller coaster ride as you are thrown out of your comfort zone. Secrets from the past get revealed. The key is to remain honest with yourself.

Gemini: As the month begins, you’re ready to start over. A new romantic, creative, or friendships are what’s in order. You’ll be impatient or restless thoughout until the 11th. Ground yourself through fixing yourself and holding yourself accountable. After the 20th, you’ll be in your element, and are able to break free from any mental or physical hole you have found yourself in. The 25th sees communication that will have you celebrating.

Cancer: Have you felt like you have been being downloaded and overwhelmed? No worries that is over for the time being. For the majority of this month, your partnership sector is encouraging you to solidify the connections that feel mutually fulfilling. Be present with people who see and love you, as a key relationship may reach a metamorphosis this month if you remain open to letting love in. On the 20th, expect depth and intimacy to be activated. Remember you can love someone deeply without needing to consume them. 

Leo: You need to create work and wellness routines that help you sustain your energy. You are burning yourself out. After the 20th, your focus will be on marriage and partnership and you will want to explore different relationship styles. The full moon is in your sign on the 25th, and you will feel electrified. This will energize you as you will fee this is the beginning of a new era in your life, one where you leave behind the need to please others and focus instead on making your inner child happy and healthy.

Virgo: You will feel at peace until 4th. For awhile now you have been working and creating behind the scenes. You will feel a strong urge to reveal what you have been working on and create and share more. Do not let your perfectionist streak, stop you. On the 20th, you’ll notice a significant shift in your spiritual side and will want to be of service to others. You may withdraw from what you normally do. Something major is shifting within you as the month closes, Think of this as a universal gift. 

Libra: Time to have fun and there is no better time, as you’re on fire, flirtatious, and daring. With all this pent-up energy, you need some way of letting off steam. However you are so in your mind, that there will be an inner war of what you should or shouldn’t do. On the 20th you will find solutions to the perceived problems that have emerged due lack of communication. Get ready to reveal your true self to the people who love you for who you are, and not simply for what you can offer them.

Scorpio: What do you want for your life? What are you willing to do for it? This month will be transformative for you for six weeks starting on the 4th, activating your communication sector. You’re looking for ways to strategize and secure your empire. You are ready for fame and the money that comes with that. You want to solidify your foundation, but move with caution or  you’ll receive a cosmic wake-up call reminding you of your values. Let yourself be seen but also trust life itself.

Sagittarius: Ready to be the center of attention? You are feeling more confident and are ready for a fresh start. On the 4th, you’ll seek tangible ways to enhance your lifestyle. Now is the time to ask for that promotion or start a new job. After the 11th this will be a six-month chapter for financial growth. Do not shy away from self-discipline, especially the 11th to 21st. This time is setting you up for a foundation of success for months and possibly years to come. After the 20th, you can lighten up and enjoy.

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