Asking For Spiritual Help In Chaotic Times

For the past week it has seemed like chaos. Odd occurrences have been happening and our faith is being tested. Many have asked me what is going on and until now I actually could not answer. I felt the shakings, and personally lived through test after test of faith but knew it was part of a divine order. Transformation and shifting always has periods of growth and healing.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your perspective and to stay spiritually aligned and balanced during these stressful times: 

Ask your spirit guides for help. Yes, they really do exist, but they need you to ask for their help and then receive that help with gratitude. When you ask for help, be ready to surrender. Many times you feel as if you are asking a lot when you ask for help. Do not fear being someone else’s burden. You have the right to ask for support. Maybe that is the lesson … in asking for help we have to let ourselves go and give of ourselves to feel loved.

Many times we do not see what our souls really need in order to feel better. Find reassurance that you are not alone. Our ancestors struggled and won, we should call on those strong people and ask them if they can be there for us now, lending additional grace and courage. 

We need to embody the gifts or qualities we seek. By doing so we raise our vibrations and frequencies, which means connecting with the flows of energy. When we attune to a higher vibration we step out of ourselves and into light.

It only takes a minute to change our attitude to the positive and when we do we can think, heal, process, and clear our energies. When we do we can make informed decisions. 

Walking the sacred path is actually a gift. Lean to breathe, for in doing so we give ourselves space and time to reflect. With breath we can respond much more peacefully.

Remember to create the needed space for yourself without apology, for this is a journey.

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