Ascension Energy At All Time High

Have you felt an intense energy these past three days? This energy is raising your vibration and everything else it comes into contact with. If you are purging energy that does not resonate at the same vibration there will be repercussion both in body and mind.

The time frame for all this is about 5-7 days, Then you will feel a profound change and will feel a stronger connection to self.

Ascending souls do you feel in limbo or feel as if the progress is slow? This is due to significant upgrades. If you are feeling disoriented , bewildered and confused, this is why. The energy of the new Earth is powerful. If you are experiencing intense light codes, upgrades, and downloads, along with heart and throat chakra activations, these are ascension symptoms. Ascension symptoms also include; fatigue, throat issues, headaches, blurry eyesight, digestive problems, body aches, back pain, neck pain and disrupted sleep patterns.

The clearing process helps expand your consciousness by releasing emotional wounds linked to residual fear and injustice trauma.

Awakened ones, you are supported by the divine power and by the universe.This is a time to be truthful, authentic, and compassionate. Reclaime your inner power and be kind to yourself.

Spend this time in reflection for personal growth, healing, karmic clearings and allowing for a new conscious mindset. This is a battle between the ego and the higher self.

The Earth is witnessing a profound collective awakening. Surrender, embracing the process and trust.

As we ascend and awaken to greater truths, we undergo DNA and biological changes. No longer will we be tied to past limitations and ancestral baggage.

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