Ascension And The Process Behind It

The reason we awaken to awareness is to ascend, which is this evolution toward a full Lightbody. It involves the shifting of many different paradigms and takes time. The speed and duration varies with ones willingness and their ability to go through shifts in thought, emotion, energy and physicality. Realize this is not linear.

It is following the light and your own inner truth. Did you know truth is not recognized by your mind. The recognition comes from the hologram of knowledge, which you carry within your energy/soul, at the time when you were unified with source. This energetic hologram reminds you of who you really are, and your energy then directs your thoughts, emotions and physicality.

Thoughts can be relatively easy to shift once you give yourself permission to accept an alternate belief. Your logical mind will replace an old thought with a new belief, especially when it is recognized as part of a truth that was temporarily lost. If you find yourself resistant, it may be coming from your emotions, as opposed to beliefs.

Emotions are the entrapment of Ego. Ego is not a fan of oneness or change. Think a scared Inner Child, who thinks change will place them in the gravest of danger and is down right scary. As humans we are full of fear and emotional pain. When you finally stop running from your own fear, and instead turn to face what you thought you were running from, you realize that it is not very scary at all.

Everything, including your body, is ascending at this time. From the first holographic memory your body was infused with light and began its ascension. Since the body is dense it has difficulty comfortably shifting with this infusion of Light.

Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. James Oschman state that the inner matrix of liquid crystals (i.e.: fascia/connective tissue) is extraordinarily fast and complete communication throughout your entire system. Not only is your body becoming more crystalline, your body is trying to bring all the parts to equal expansiveness.

When you bring your thoughts into a new paradigm, and release old emotional patterns, you may feel the symptoms of trying to shift. These may include:

  • Fuzzy thinking, memory issues, distractibility, not thinking straight.
  • Exhaustion (a sleeping body can process much more rapidly when the conscious mind gets out of the way).
  • Increased sensitivity of the five senses.
  • Major toxic releases – odors, hives, excrement changes, rashes, itching.
  • Frontal headaches due to pituitary gland changes.
  • Back of head (occipital area) headaches due to changes to the pineal gland.
  • Nausea, fever without being sick, palpitations, anxiety.
  • Pain or rashes that move without explanation.
  • Evaluations by physicians without finding a cause.

You may even note different reactions to medications, lack of responsiveness to former treatment modalities, or changes in dietary or exercise needs.

Thankfully there are many things that you can do to support your body.

More next time.

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