Arthritis Relief

I can feel the weather change in my hands due to thumbs getting bent backwards and fingers being crushed. The other day I was in sever pain and my friend gave me my Christmas gift early. What a God send! These simply crafted solid copper magnetic bracelets ($19.99 a piece, I recommend one for each wrist), have 6 powerful and permanent 3000 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnets. 

Just measure the wrist size and put on. I knew within one hour these worked for me. I have on them on for 5 days and am now ordering some for my ankles. 

Copper has been used for medicinal purposes throughout recorded history. The world’s oldest medical text, the Eber Papyrus, recommends treating inflammation with copper. Today, almost 3700 years later, millions of people wear copper for health.

I seriously love these!

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