Angelic Messages

As the end of the transformative and challenging year of 2023 ends, resilience, unconditional love, and compassion for self were at the forefront. 2024 is a universal 8 year , which means a productive and harmonious energy.

As the false and dysfunctional 3D matrix crumbles finances and lower consciousness karmic ties will try to crumble those not awake to see the pattern.

As awakened LightWorkers we bear the responsibility of collectively awakening humanity and preparing for a future where individuals can reclaim their freedom. We brace for the manipulation, as the more we have been controlled, the more we have awakened to our true nature.

2023 has been a year of challenges, loss, pain, doubt, confusion, isolation, but faith and trust in the Divine, has seen a level up in our personal power. We have tried to change unwanted situations and these tests have made us much stronger. It has been a year of breaking free from old chains and stepping into the collective true self.

This past year has taught many ascending to rebuild and rediscover and dissolve illusions. Many are stepping away from jobs and out grown relationships. We can only move forward in balanced relationships and inner unity.

The New Year of 2024 will lead many into a new harmonic timeline characterised by truth, authenticity, alignment, balance and stability. 2024 brings in strong high frequency energetics that will activate the internal determination, motivation, passion, trust and keeping the faith as a way to live in an enlightened authentic reality.

2024 is a number 8 universal vibration and higher consciousness. It is associated with power, authority, alignment, ambition, success, transformation, wealth, material achievement and self-mastery.. It is considered a number of balance between the spiritual and material worlds.

Past identities, emotions, wounds, ways of living, careers, relationships and old beliefs will resurface and need to be worked through in order to ground into the new highest timelines of 2024. This means more internal healing work, more self honesty and self love.

Opening the higher heart and releasing internal doubts, recognising your role in the extraordinary transformation of the collective and remember to embrace your unique Ascension paths.

Authenticity is key. Trust the evolution of the soul and be in your heart frequency.

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