Activating The Divinity Within

There is divinity within us all. It is called The Diamond Spark and with comes pure love, fulfillment, connection, and magic. It is a place to true peace that shelters us from any storm.

As we grow our diamond spark it becomes a flame, burning bright within reflecting our own divinity. To grow that spark go into your heart and tap into the divinity waiting to rise and be acknowledged. Ignite that light within, and shift into your divine firepower.

When you walk into a room, others are meant to feel your divine presence within you, not because of anything you have done but because of your frequency. You are here to set the world on fire by loving fiercely and ferociously.

As that divine flame grows you will have an insatiable drive to follow your mission here and are gladly willing to go wherever that may lead.

We are here grow and merge our divine flame with other divine flames to fuel the ascension process.

This is our time to stand strong as the divine essence’s we are. It is time to set the world on fire by transmitting high frequency light codes and creating support to others and this planet.

It is time to start taking charge of our lives and create strong healthy relationships, healthy bodies and abundance, for it is all there for the taking. We just have to reach out.