Activating The Divinity Within Us All

There is a Diamond Spark, within us all, that is pure love. When you activate that spark comes fulfillment, connection, and magic. Within that space there is peace. You are also meant to grow your diamond spark until it becomes a flame, burning bright with intensity inside you so that it reflects your full divinity.

Take a moment to go into your heart, feel God waiting to rise within you.

When you walk into a room, others are meant to feel the divine presence within you. Not because of what you say but simply because of your frequency. You are here to set the world on fire by loving fiercely and ferociously.

Fanning the divine flame within will drive you to follow your mission wherever that may lead.

We are meant to grow and merge our divine flame with the divine flames of our brothers and sisters fueling ascension.

Now is our time to decide to stand strong as the Divine we are.

By transmitting high frequency light codes we support the planet.

This is a journey to reself-discovery. 

Shift the way your operate, find a reason to take charge of your life. The results are strong, healthy relationships, healthy bodies and abundance,.

Here is to growing in our strength everyday.