About Us

Unlocking the keys to Healing

Sometimes healing is like going down a rabbit hole. It is expensive, the choices are numerous, what will work is sometimes a mystery and it is controversial to a worldly point of view. My healing journey like others has taken on multiple layers. I started with healing from child abuse, physical abuse and mental abuse, onto past life trauma’s, loving the wrong choices or were they, to accidents galore. Sometimes I feel like The Book of Job.

I have been on this journey starting at just four months old and as my friends put it, I am a walking testament.

I have always been spiritual, always had faith and believe in things others do not because they have materialized before my eyes. I am not afraid to see what the world tries to blind us from. I am also not afraid to share my stories, my healing, my pain, my joy and that is what made me start this healing portal. 

We all need doors to open. Maybe this will help you open and find the right doors for you.