A Soul’s Evolution

The Earth is a wonderful school where souls come for learning, evolution and growth. There are five stages of that a soul go through, an Infant soul, a child soul, a young soul, a mature soul, and an old soul, until we reach Christ Consciousness. The infant soul is at the Body level, the child soul is at the mind level, the young soul is at the Intelligence level, the mature soul is at the soul level, and the old soul is at the Spirit level.

We are body, mind, Intelligence, soul, and spirit, with our physical body coming from our parents. We inherit our genetics from them. Our mind comes from society, our surroundings, including our parents, family, media, environment, religion, and even the time period in which we live. Intelligence is what differentiates between good and bad, true and false, right and wrong. Our Intelligence also depends on the experiences gained from past lifetimes, including this lifetime. Our soul is immortal; it is part of our spirit.

All the five Soul Cycles need to be passed through — there is no skipping or jumping through any cycle. Each cycle can take time and multiple lifetimes depending on the soul’s evolution. Each Soul moves dances to their own rhythms.

In incarnation it is possible for the soul to get stuck at a particular level, and then the progress gets delayed. Suicide is the one way a soul can be stuck on a particular level, and unable to move forward.

The Five Soul Cycles represent a complete incarnation path.

Infant Souls live primarily in the dimension of the body. These are newly incarnated souls who have just come to the Earth and are still adjusting to the physical Body. They are sensitive, defenseless and dependent. They focus on survival and procreation. These souls choose to be born in groups. They usually do not have opinions of their own and do not take responsibility. When they feel less insecure and less helpless, they move onto the next life cycle.

Child souls live more in the dimension of the mind. They live according to the societal rules. They follow the societal trends, culture, religion, politics etc. They look up to celebrities and successful people as their role models. In this soul cycle, the first karmic ties are created. They regard only those who are useful to them, and discard those who are no longer useful. They look at everything that happens to them as a destiny or fate. By the end of this cycle, they decide to take action and gain control over their lives; they accept challenges and strive to succeed.

Young souls gain as many experiences as possible. In order to get experiences. These souls possess a very strong drive to succeed and want material wealth and success. They create a lot of karmic ties. The focus is always on “I,” “me,” “myself,” and “mine”. They measure their self-worth based on their material, external success. They are ambitious, self-driven and possess good leadership skills. Young Souls have realized that their actions have consequences, but they are not yet ready to take responsibility. At the end of the cycle, they start questioning the value of the material achievements. They start to see that these things are fleeting. They lose motivation to strive for wealth or material gain.

Mature souls live in the dimension of the Soul. They start looking inward, and begins to start valuing things which are not outside, but are in search of eternal happiness. Karmic debts start to get paid off. They also engage in activities which do not generate financial gain, engage in self-reflection and introspection; they are strong and resilient; and they are responsible. At the end of the cycle, they become true seekers for that which leads to eternal joy and bliss, they engage in meditation practice, and they seek self-realization. Eventually, the shift to the next level happens.

Old souls go through a path of research, teaching and spiritual service. They understand that everything is connected, they live in a state of oneness. They live in accordance to Universal Laws and they follow a soul path. Old souls start to understand the Law of Karma and they assume full responsibility for their thoughts, speech and actions.

It is important to know before we were born we got together with our guides to design our own soul plan and our soul’s evolution. In this lifetime our souls and spirit are merging together, giving us abundant cosmic energy.

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