A Portal Opening

On February 2, 2024, a powerful portal opens.This portal is about reclaiming and embracing the divine within. February’s energy offers a nurturing healing and energy to expand, through the sacred passage of ascension. This is a time to head down your path with an open mind, heart and allow for personal growth.

This period offers an opportunity to work with the second layer of our DNA, which represents time, space, and duality. By expanding our perception of time and embracing our multidimensionality, we can move beyond the constraints set for us in this dimension. Time to connected to our earthly purpose and our contribution to the collective. It is a transformative period for those ascending will be given the opportunity to recognize and address the areas where duality continues to play out in their lives.

If you are feeling off balance during this newEarth energy, just breath it It is changing all the time. Therefore some days go according to plan and other don’t. Some days your ascension symptoms feel heightened and you feel as if you are on sensory overload. No worries things will soon settle down soon. Clearing out old data, emotional baggage, wounding and trauma takes multiple healings.

This particular portal is for restoring and awakening your DNA, reclaiming your birthright as a sovereign being of the light. Remember you are love. You have more personal power, compassion and wisdom locked within your DNA. You just have to access it. To do so requires staying heart centered and maintaining a state of inner peace.

The hardest practice is acting without judgment or attachment to outcomes. Not exactly always the easiest practice. See the inherent goodness and divine essence in all beings, situations, and experiences, and release the need to label things.

Intense solar flares are already sending light codes of unity to our light bodies. This portal represents the delicate balance between unity and duality.

Ascension on this planet is a spiritual collective awakening. It is a balancing of the 3D consciousness representing a materialistic and ego-driven worldview and the 4 and 5D consciousness of awareness consciousness unity, truth and love.

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