A Journey Of Healing: Why the Journey

I have always been like the Book of Job in terms of health. Starting in 2006 I was hit by a series of health issues. First I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and my energy went from that of an energizer bunny, to one who had the batteries taken out. No-one knew because I was silent about it. Then I slipped and fell at Duane Reade, due to a broken water cooler. This will sound strange, but I literally walked out of my body for a couple of years. It crushed a kidney, but that grew back. Ah the wonders of how a body heals.

If that weren’t enough I got Bacterial Pneumonia, which turned into Sepsis and was told it was bacterial warfare. It scared a lung and I got COPD.

Then I got run over by a cab. Thanks to British tourists, I didn’t turn into road kill. I did however get 7 herniated and popping disks, 2 torn shoulder blades, 2 torn meniscus and a dislocated thumb. I was told I was lucky that I could still walk and I have God to thank for that. More on the reason for this later. Due to these injuries the left side of my body has been going numb.

There is more, but so far that is what I have been dealing with. For a number of years I have wanted to start a healing portal and this article is the start of that. In a series of articles I will tell you how I grew back my Kidney, and the healing modalities I have used and why I think they work better than traditional medicine.

Yesterday I got news that there is even more, but now that I know I can heal. I have tools and a mindset. If in reading this you feel sorry for me……don’t! If you are thinking “why would she write this and expose herself” the reason is there are others out there who will need this. I have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of and nothing but good intentions for all.

If you are hurt, dealing with diagnosis that are messing with your head or diseases you don’t know how to heal follow my journey and maybe your answer will be here.