A Journey of Healing: The Diet

I have made it through a week without cheating or being unhappy. That is not normal for me as I love food. What I can eat is very limited. I can have blueberries, raspberries, grapes, lemon, ginger, coconut oil, arugula, artichoke, carrots, baked potato, green beans, olive oil, mayo, relish and vinegar.

I have surprisingly not been hungry, grumpy or left feeling deprived.

This diet is part of the API (Autoimmune Protocol) Diet, however I had many food allergies, so I became limited for 3 weeks. I get off for Christmas and New Years Eve, but only because Christmas and NYE was taken away from me due to having Covid and I refuse to do that a second year.

Everyone laughs at me for this, but if I have goals, where I can still enjoy my life, then I can be strict.

I have lost 4lds but it’s only been a week.