A Journey of Healing: Masaru Emoto

I first met Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist at the UN. Dr. Emoto, through experiments taught us that our thoughts and intentions impact not only us but the world and people we connect to. For over 20 years, he studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

Dr. Emoto work was documented in the bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water. In his book, Dr. Emoto used Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high-speed photographs to prove how water reacts to words and music. If water heard positive, loving and kind words the result was beautiful crystals. If the water was exposed to fearful, hate and unpleasant word the water turned dark and ominous.

His research also showed us how polluted and toxic water, when exposed to to prayer and intention can be altered and restored to clean, healthy water. The following photos are images of photographs of the the water in the Fujiwara Dam before and after the Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of Jyuhouin Temple, offered an hour long prayer over it.

They say music heals our soul and when played classical music, again beautiful crystalline patterns. Heavy metal music created a forbidding images that were distorted.

His work brought in the question, if water is affected by the words, intentions, and energies, what about human beings, who are made of 60% water? If we transform the water and thoughts we are made of, what else is possible?

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