A Journey of Healing: EESystem Part 4

Yesterday, the day before and the day before that, I talked about EESystem. For the next trip we headed to Verona, the mecca of healing centers. Everything negative, I felt before melted away with this center.

Prior to coming to Full Spectrum International Quantum Wellness Center I had this amazing talk with Alice, one of the wonderful women who works here. I explained we needed to be seen ASAP and we wanted to book an overnight. As if it were meant to be, she got us in the day after Thanksgiving for 4 hours. She explained one of us would be in a regular chair and one in the anti gravity chair, but would move the person in the chair to the anti gravity as soon as it was available. How thoughtful. I booked the session.

Getting to Verona only takes 35 minutes and they are everything you want a healing center to be. They are kind, considerate, loving, knowledgeable, informative and the energy here was serene. They also have all the products to buy and they give you water using the techniques by Masaru Emoto. Upon hearing that, I was hooked. I actually met Masaru Emoto and am in love with his techniques.

Once in the room the feeling was that of peace, love and healing. I was brought water and was made to feel comfortable. My friend was given the chair and actually loved it. She did not want to move.

During the stay I was twisty and this has actually continued through out the week. I think what is healing is my spine, hips, shoulders and knees.

When I got home, I slept deeper than I ever have. It was the first time in years.

On Sunday we are blessed to do an all night healing….almost 16 hours. I seriously can’t wait.