A Journey of Healing: EESystem Part 2

Yesterday I talked about about EESystem. Excitedly we headed to Hillsborough, NJ a hour and twenty minutes away for our first visit. I had talked to one of the managers for over 2 hours when I set up our appointment. When we got there only one of us was scheduled, however they got us in. We were put in the very back not in the vortex of the system, yet there were chairs that were available the whole time. Now for an empath even though this heals you, you feel everyone else’s discomfort. Thankfully for this visit I did not. Once I got into the chair my spine got red hot. This was not surprising as I have seven herniated popping disks, thanks to the cab running me over.

When the cab ran me over, I was in the middle of the crosswalk, as I had the right away. I had a white umbrella and a pale blue coat. I was not easy to miss. I had come from a concert and was on a musical high. It was lightly drizzling and I heard these British tourist yell “Oh my God he’s going to hit her.” I turned and the cab was an arm length and a half away. I threw down my umbrella and jumped. I tried to get my hands in the windshield wipers but the man had long hair that covered his bent face. He looked like Cousin It from the Addams Family. Then I saw a demon. I know this sound crazy, but I slid off the cab. I threw my hands behind my head. The cab stopped when it was at my neck. I turned my head to the left and saw what looked like a dirty angel wing. I tell you this because when I closed my eyes in the chair, I saw the whole accident flash before my eyes and I realized I never thanked the angel. I was immediately filled with regret, ungratefulness and sorrow. As soon as I thanked the angel, I was out for the four hour healing session.

The reason this session for me was so important was both my knees have torn meniscus’s. The right knee had bursitis, which is an inflammation of a small fluid-filled sac situated near your knee joint. This causes massive pain and can limit your movement. It looked like I had a knot on my knee and had stopped responding to pain patches. I could barely walk without wanting to cry and there were times I just had to stop as I could not move. I was terrified that I would lose my ability to walk on my own. By the end of the session I could walk without pain. It took two more sessions to fully heal, but more on that later.

Finding the EESystem was a blessing.