3D Vs 5D

3D represents the old world, fear, illusion, separation, war, prison, hell and karmic loops.The 5D world is the new earth, truth, love, unity consciousness, peace, freedom, heaven, liberation and the completion of all Akashic karmic debt.

On our journey to the 5D, the deepest pain helps us and empowers us to grow. Our goal is to get to the highest version of self. Right now the drama and dysfunction currently unfolding on Earth is taking place.

Ascension and change is imminent. For those leaving the 3D, these programs continue on in the background, but in a totally different way, They will gradually fade. The Universe Is cleaning out outdated mindsets. Relationships that are dysfunctional, as well as karmic based relationships are ending. These karmic soul contracts are finally over for many. Those who are headed to the 5D will only be able to align with vibrationally and higher frequency.

Few people talk about the grief that comes after ending toxic relationships. Even though you know intellectually it is for the best, you still have suffered a deep and profound loss. If you feel like you are still in this grief, your internal pain will transform into healing in time.

As the new planetary solar cycle begins, high frequency light is pouring in, This is the rebirth, a new cycle, levelling up and a new way of living.

We are being guided to go deeper within, to further reflect, observe, experience, to listen to the guidance and wisdom as we traveling deep into our souls. There is no hiding from darkness, but diving into its depths and shadows you realize there is nothing to be afraid of. You have always been protected and no longer vibrate in the lower frequencies where darkness dwells .

Your inner darkness is part of who you are. You incarnated fully with eons of conditioning that must be wiped off the template that no longer serves, This is not an over night process .

When you accept and open up to the truth, you will be activated. This journey was always about the internal work, taking full accountability and responsibility to heal and then ascend.

If people start to fall away from your path or come join in know that the universe completely has your back and and will help you align with your soul family. You will be given exactly what you need, to connection to source.

It is time to remember, to reclaim our true nature, to do the inner work required. Expect your higher self to guide and increase your awareness. Only the ego can lead you astray.

I can not stress enough about 2024 and the vibrational alignment of the number 8. The people you surround yourself with, the places you go and your inner focus will determine the quality of your existence here.

There are 3 major planetary ascension cycles and the first one is almost past, We are at the beginning of the next one. Embrace the end of what was, as we are lead to the highest truth. This profound knowing will play a big and significant part on your ascension journey.


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