12/12 Portal Astrology

The New Moon in Sagittarius and the 12/12 portal invite you to take a leap of faith, to risk it all for a love that you can’t go a day without thinking about and to trust that whatever happens will serve a higher purpose. New Moons represent new beginnings, so it’s a perfect time to set intentions and truly create a relationship that resonates with your soul.

The New Moon in Sagittarius gives you wings to fly, Mercury is still in retrograde in Capricorn, slowing down plans and bring closure to themes of the past.

Aries: Time for new experiences. Venture outside your limitations and try new things to make the most out of your relationships. If you feel like you’re in a rut use this energy wisely and you might just find yourself soaring with delight..

Taurus: Transformation I’s not something that you are comfortable with. However if you will give it a chance you might just find it is not that bad at all, especially when it comes to love. Release control and enjoy the pleasant surprise.

Gemini: Your romantic sector, is about to heat up your relationships. This New Moon offers a new beginning, which is precisely what you need, but you must release the past to receive it. If you’re unattached love, just might bring you a magical experience.

Cancer: In your romance and relationships Mercury in retrograde, means important issues will break open. You are closing out a major chapter of your life. Take care of any details before the beginning of 2024. Make sure you are not blocking yourself from receiving the love you’ve always desired. 

Leo: Commitment and joy, have you thinking of getting closer to someone. If you’ve been afraid of committing or going all in, it is safe to do so. You have been through a lot, and deserve to be happy, which means also listen to your heart to something you know is right.

Virgo: You’ve seen a lot of growth in your relationship and you are seeing the more you commit the happier you are. You are living your dreams so stop wondering what’s next. Enjoy the present moment. Be open to receiving and embracing how far you’ve come and how much joy now surrounds you.  

Libra: Focus on your well-being and healing, as you prepare for a year of change. You have been dramatically transforming, unearthing the truth behind how you’ve set up your life. When you can heal the parts of yourself that thought toxicity meant love, then you can get to the place where love is easy. 

Scorpio: Time to honor you are as the work to unearth your value is about to pay off. You are worthy of the most amazing love and life, so embodied that thought. You will not have to fight so hard for what you deserve as the universe sees all. 

Sagittarius: What kind of partner, relationship and life you are you worthy of? You are being asked to advocate for yourself, make choices and alignment with your truth. The past’s, feelings, beliefs and ex’s are going to resurface. Beware as you review those past decisions.

Capricorn: What does love means for you? Listen to your intuition for the changes you need in your relationshipsTime to become more in alignment with yourself. Start listening to the universe. You are truly being encouraged to live life more from your heart, and that means listening.

Aquarius: A new beginning is coming in, and that means you need support from those around you. Open yourself up to receive the help you need. I know, sometimes it seems It is you against the world, but there is someone close to you who feels the same way and because of this you just might fall in love with each other..  

Pisces: You need to figure out what it is you want out of love and life. If you do the universe can finally deliver. Reflect on what you hoped for in your relationship versus what you actually received or, put up with. Positive changes are possible, but you need to reconnect with what it is you really want.  .  

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