11/11 Portal Exercises

Are you ready to ascend, transform and becoming a true co-creator of this universe? Yesterday we talked about the 11/11 portal. Today we are offering ways to manifest the most out of this spiritual opportunity.

1: Get a journal and write and answer the following questions.

What is it you really want? Simple question…right? Not really. If we all knew what we really wanted wouldn’t we be following our paths in joy?

What are you looking for in your relationships?

What career path do you want and what do you want to get out of it?

How would you like to see the planet evolve?

2: Mediate on what you have written, to see how you can bring this into intent.

3: Go into nature, even if it is for a walk and breath in the life around you.

4: Do something kind for someone you don’t know. Remember random acts of kindness or pay it forward?

5: Get into a bath and do some self love. Remember this is all-out new beginnings.

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