10 Laws To Raising Your Frequency

I found this amazing list that I am sharing:

1. Learn to remain silent in moments of greatest turbulence: Mental Peace and Patience are your best allies during crises. Conquering these attributes is part of your spiritual evolution.

2. Avoid judging other people: Your perception of the outside world is part of your inner world. When you speak ill of others, you are speaking ill of yourself. You hurt them and you hurt yourself. Therefore, love them and love yourself.

3. Focus your attention on the things you like the most: What you resist, persists. If you focus on the negative, you will make it grow. If you focus on the positive, you will also make it grow. So what do you choose?

4. Stay still, not that it is bad to fight, but remember that it is only a test: You are paying old debts for old actions. Therefore, accept it and let it flow. The more you remain standing, calm and accepting, the more you will have cleared your karma.

5. Have hope, what seems real is just a bad thought from your imagination. Change it!: Thoughts are things. Reality is created by your thought and the collective thought. Change your mind and you will change your reality.

6. Forgive, let go, and release: It may be difficult, but it is necessary. These negative feelings are what sustain the cycle of karma. Someone has to break it, start doing it yourself!

7. Always speak positive: Words also form reality, both yours and that of others. Be careful with what you say, be positive affirmative and choose each word very well.

8. Meditate at least twice a day (5 minutes would be a very good start): It is the best way to calm the mind and get in touch with your spiritual being.

9. Visualize pleasant situations for you and all your loved ones: What exists in your mind will manifest in your reality. Create that reality for yourself and your loved ones, you will be creating happiness and adding dharma.

10. Give Love no matter what you receive: Love builds. Love heals. Love restores. Love is a choice, not a reaction. Give Love, you will be happier doing it and you will gain in Dharma.

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