1/11 Portal

On January 11 we are in the presence of the 11 energy, combined with the energy of the month making it 111. The 11 energy denotes a shift and a call to spirituality. It means to deepen our spiritual awareness, and wakes us up. This portal is pushing us to leave our doubts behind and accept what’s coming our way with an open mind, heart, and spirit.

The 111 portal is a fresh beginning, in a year of beginings. It calls us to start something new, birth, create. The energy of the 111 is a call to action and it assists us in moving through and coming forth.

1:11 is also a sign of synchronicity; eleven is a master number representing intuition. When you see these numbers repeated, it is a sign from the universe to become aware. It is a wake-up call from your spirit guides, so if you see feathers or have animal encounters, or vividly dream, pay attention.

This day also has a new moon in Capricorn, so if you have decisions to make, now is the time to make them or they will be made for you. This new moon will set the tone for the rest of the year. This moon also renews your energy and help you focus on turning your dreams into reality.

In adding up all the numbers from this date, you will see how powerful 1 + 11= 3 +2+2+4 + 11 again a master number. One eleven is of high vibrations and a day for manifesting. The number one represents independence and individuality. It’s a refers to self, new beginnings and to let go and move forward on your journey. The number eleven is a connection to your higher self, the spiritual part of your soul. When combined, it is the universe’s way of encouraging you to trust in your inner spiritual self, spiritually awaken and trust in a force greater than yourself .

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